We’ve Come a Long Way from Atari

In 2018 videogames are going stronger than ever. Last year alone, the videogame industry outpaced expectations and gained 10% overall revenue for a whopping $116 billion. The craze has even gone far enough to become a televised sport, with “e-sports” becoming all the rage and prize money exceeding $1 million in some cases. How did

VHS is Not Dead!

So far, I’ve kept my blog topics focused mainly on the clothing I’ve come across while thrifting, but as a film lover another hobby I have is collecting movies. Over the years I’ve amassed a large collection of VHS and DVDs largely from second-hand stores. During my time in film school I learned a lot

History in Every Thread

Behind every piece of clothing there’s a history. More than just the person that made it, but how it came to be made or where it was purchased too. In the case of clothing found at a thrift store, you could also include all of the memories made by the previous owner while they were

Friday’s Child Vintage Clothing and More

Last week I made a quick stop at Friday’s Child, a vintage store in Fenwick Ontario run by musician, farmer, and picker Spencer Burton. I talked to him about the resurgence of “vintage” clothing and got some insight into what it can be like balancing music, family, the farm, and the store. “To be honest,

You’ll Never Know What You’re Going to Find

     As I’m typing this I’ve just returned from a thrift store in Buffalo, New York with a few great finds lying on top of my laundry bin, one of which is a like-new L.L. Bean travel jacket that I scored for a measly $12. Going off what their jackets sell for retail, that’s a